I’m Andi 🖖🏻 – I’ve start­ed to devel­op King’s Cross as a per­son­al project of mine to keep track of my chess open­ings and to learn more about iOS devel­op­ment. If this app turns out to be use­ful for oth­er peo­ple, I’m hap­py to hear your feed­back. If you think it’s a total waste of stor­age space, you can also drop me a line:

In my real job I’m a soft­ware engi­neer and in my leisure time I enjoy play­ing chess (obvi­ous­ly 😉), run­ning, read­ing and play­ing the piano. Besides, I’m aim­ing for a sus­tain­able work-life-bal­ance, so I can spend enough time with my fam­i­ly.


Andreas Kienle
Johannes-Hoffart-Str. 20
68163 Mannheim
+49 170 6758404
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