King’s Cross

Keep your openings in sync

King’s Cross is the eas­i­est way to keep track of your chess open­ings: Con­sol­i­date your reper­toire in one place, explore new vari­a­tions, prac­tice your open­ings and ana­lyze your train­ing over time. King’s Cross helps you gain con­fi­dence in your open­ings.

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Your repertoire at a glance

Con­sol­i­date your open­ings in one place which is syn­chro­nized across all your Apple devices. King’s Cross makes it easy to keep your vari­a­tions con­sis­tent in all of your open­ings and record trans­po­si­tions with­out enter­ing moves twice. The Stock­fish engine helps you explore crit­i­cal lines.

Train your openings

Prac­tice all moves in your vari­a­tions and improve your open­ing skills. Ana­lyze your train­ing progress over time and gain con­fi­dence in your reper­toire.

Access from anywhere

King’s Cross is avail­able on iPhone and iPad and kept in sync across all your devices. We store your reper­toire secure­ly in the cloud, so you’ll always have a back­up but we’re not lock­ing you in, you can import and export your open­ings in PGN for­mat any time.

2017 – 2019 King’s Cross. Made with ♥ in the city of the squares.