Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Information We Collect

When cre­at­ing an account, you will be asked to enter an option­al email address and a pass­word.

We do not send pro­mo­tion­al emails. Your email address, if sup­plied, is only used for:

  • Log­ging in.
  • Reset­ting your pass­word if you for­get it.
  • Noti­fy­ing you of impor­tant account-relat­ed mat­ters, should they arise. (To date, no email has ever been sent for this rea­son.)

We store infor­ma­tion about your open­ings and train­ing progress so we can sync this infor­ma­tion between any devices where you use the app. We also col­lect aggre­gate, anony­mous sta­tis­tics about app usage and crash­es.

We use tokens in the app to keep you logged in.

Like most web­sites and apps, we also store infor­ma­tion through the use of soft­ware that may be trans­par­ent to users. For exam­ple, we may log your IP address and gen­er­al infor­ma­tion about your brows­er or device. 


Additional information collected by anonymous analytics

King’s Cross’s iOS app includes com­po­nents of Google Fire­base to pro­vide crash report­ing and basic ana­lyt­ics to help us improve the app. These are aggre­gate, anony­mous sta­tis­tics, such as the per­cent­age of users who use par­tic­u­lar fea­tures.

King’s Cross does not share your email address or any oth­er per­son­al data with Google.


Additional information collected by in-app ads

King’s Cross’s iOS app includes Google AdMob ads. Google may use the adver­tis­ing iden­ti­fi­er from your device(s) to infer inter­ests, demo­graph­ics, and oth­er data to show you more rel­e­vant ads. Your device adver­tis­ing iden­ti­fi­er can be dis­abled or reset by fol­low­ing these instruc­tions from Apple.

Becom­ing a Pre­mi­um user dis­ables all adver­tise­ments and shar­ing of tar­get­ing data.

Information Usage

We use the infor­ma­tion we col­lect to oper­ate and improve our web­site, apps, and cus­tomer sup­port.

We do not share your per­son­al infor­ma­tion with out­side par­ties except to the extent nec­es­sary to accom­plish King’s Cross’s func­tion­al­i­ty, except as spec­i­fied above for ana­lyt­ics and in-app adver­tise­ments.

We may dis­close your infor­ma­tion in response to sub­poe­nas, court orders, or oth­er legal require­ments; to exer­cise our legal rights or defend against legal claims; to inves­ti­gate, pre­vent, or take action regard­ing ille­gal activ­i­ties, sus­pect­ed fraud or abuse, vio­la­tions of our poli­cies; or to pro­tect our rights and prop­er­ty.

In the future, we may sell to, buy, merge with, or part­ner with oth­er busi­ness­es. In such trans­ac­tions, user infor­ma­tion may be among the trans­ferred assets.


The secu­ri­ty and integri­ty of your per­son­al data is impor­tant to us. There­fore, we use gen­er­al­ly accept­ed indus­try stan­dards, tech­nolo­gies and pro­ce­dures, such as fire­walls, secu­ri­ty soft­ware etc., in order to pro­tect the integri­ty of your per­son­al data and to pre­vent any unau­tho­rized access. How­ev­er, no sys­tem can be 100% secure and despite our efforts, there is always a risk of unau­tho­rized access to your per­son­al data. By using our ser­vices, you assume this risk.

Accessing Your Information

You may access or change your infor­ma­tion or delete your account at any time by log­ging into the app.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

From time to time, it may become nec­es­sary to make changes to this Pri­va­cy Pol­i­cy. There­fore, we reserve the right to update and/or mod­i­fy this Pri­va­cy Pol­i­cy at any time. Please review this Pri­va­cy Pol­i­cy fre­quent­ly, and espe­cial­ly before you reg­is­ter an account with us.

Your Consent

By using our site or apps, you con­sent to our pri­va­cy pol­i­cy.

Contacting Us

If you have ques­tions regard­ing this pri­va­cy pol­i­cy, you may email or find more details on the con­tact page.

Terms & Conditions

About King’s Cross

King’s Cross is a Ser­vice avail­able online at, among oth­er places, and in the iPhone App Store as “King’s Cross”. The pur­pose of King’s Cross is to help our users build their chess open­ing reper­toire and record their train­ing progress.

Using Our Services


To use our Ser­vices you must fol­low some sim­ple rules. The Ser­vice is only avail­able for your pri­vate use and is not intend­ed for com­mer­cial use. Do not mis­use the Ser­vices, so that either King’s Cross or any­one else is harmed in any way. You may only use the Ser­vices as per­mit­ted by law and these Terms. By using our Ser­vices, you agree that:

  • All of the per­son­al data pro­vid­ed by you is accu­rate and up to date.
  • You are sole­ly respon­si­ble for all activ­i­ties on your account and all the con­tent that is uploaded and/or cre­at­ed under your King’s Cross account (“User Mate­r­i­al”).
  • King’s Cross does not mon­i­tor the con­tents of the Ser­vice, but may at any time choose, at its sole dis­cre­tion, to remove User Mate­r­i­al from the Ser­vice and/or your user account and to ter­mi­nate your account and mem­ber­ship.
  • Your mem­ber­ship, includ­ing your email and pass­word, with King’s Cross is per­son­al and may not be trans­ferred or used by some­one else. You are respon­si­ble for stor­ing your login details in a safe man­ner. King’s Cross is not in any way respon­si­ble for any loss or dam­age caused by unau­tho­rized access to your account or use of your login details. If you learn of or sus­pect any unau­tho­rized use of your account, you must imme­di­ate­ly inform King’s Cross for exam­ple via
  • King’s Cross is not intend­ed for use by per­sons under the age of 13. To use King’s Cross, you must be at least 13 years old.
  • Vio­la­tion of any of these Terms will lead to a direct ter­mi­na­tion of your user account and sub­scrip­tion. If you vio­late these terms, you will not get a refund.
  • You may not engage in any com­mer­cial activ­i­ties, adver­tise and/or pro­vide hints (such as links) on where com­mer­cial activ­i­ties are present through our Ser­vices.
  • You may not con­tribute with any pro­pa­gan­da, reli­gious and/or polit­i­cal views, or con­tribute with infor­ma­tion which in any way con­tains or involves incite­ment to racial hatred, child pornog­ra­phy or pornog­ra­phy through the use of our Ser­vices. Fur­ther, you may not defame, harass or offend oth­er peo­ple through the use of our Ser­vices.
  • If you have any crit­i­cism or feed­back regard­ing King’s Cross or our Ser­vices, to first­ly con­tact King’s Cross to help us to improve our Ser­vices.
  • You may not trans­mit, and/or dis­trib­ute files that may dam­age King’s Cross or oth­ers’ com­put­ers or prop­er­ty (such as virus­es and tro­jan hors­es).
  • You may not share oth­ers’ per­son­al infor­ma­tion, with­out their approval.

Your Account

You can at any time choose to cancel/end your account at your con­ve­nience. Please note that unin­stalling the mobile appli­ca­tion or clos­ing your account will not auto­mat­i­cal­ly stop your sub­scrip­tion — you must active­ly can­cel the sub­scrip­tion. Please note that if you have sub­scribed to King’s Cross through the use of App Store or any oth­er ser­vice provider, you can only can­cel your sub­scrip­tion through the use of their ser­vices. To find out how to can­cel the sub­scrip­tion and/or your account, please fol­low the instruc­tions in the app or on the web­site. Spe­cial terms and con­di­tions apply to King’s Cross Pre­mi­um.

King’s Cross Premium

This sec­tion only applies when you pur­chase and/or sub­scribe to King’s Cross Pre­mi­um or oth­er paid prod­ucts. By pay­ing the sub­scrip­tion fee you get access to King’s Cross Pre­mi­um dur­ing the time your sub­scrip­tion is valid, sub­ject to these Terms.

All sub­scrip­tions with King’s Cross Pre­mi­um are paid in advance.

You may at any time ter­mi­nate your mem­ber­ship, in which case your mem­ber­ship will still be valid for the sub­scrip­tion time you have already paid for. If you have sub­scribed to King’s Cross through the use of App Store or any oth­er such ser­vice provider, using in-app pur­chase, you can only can­cel your sub­scrip­tion through the use of their ser­vices.

Sub­scrip­tion fees can be found in the mobile appli­ca­tion. Spe­cial terms and con­di­tions may apply. King’s Cross reserves the right to change the sub­scrip­tion fees from time to time.

You here­by con­sent to start using the Ser­vices imme­di­ate­ly upon sub­scrib­ing with King’s Cross Pre­mi­um or oth­er paid prod­ucts. All pay­ments han­dled by Apple, such as in-app pur­chas­es, can only be refund­ed by Apple and with Apple’s con­sent. If you would like to con­tact Apple, please click here. Default in pay­ment shall not be deemed as a ter­mi­na­tion of a King’s Cross Pre­mi­um sub­scrip­tion.

Intellectual Property

All rights in and to the Ser­vices, includ­ing any trade­marks, ser­vice marks, trade names and copy­right­ed con­tent (col­lec­tive­ly “Intel­lec­tu­al Prop­er­ty”) pre­sent­ed with­in the Ser­vice are the prop­er­ty of King’s Cross and/or third par­ties. You agree not to use Intel­lec­tu­al Prop­er­ty for any oth­er pur­pos­es except for your use of the Ser­vice, unless required oth­er­wise by applic­a­ble manda­to­ry law.

By sub­mit­ting User Mate­r­i­al to King’s Cross, you war­rant and rep­re­sent that you hold the copy­right, trade­mark and/or oth­er intel­lec­tu­al prop­er­ty rights to your con­tent. You agree to grant King’s Cross a non-exclu­­sive, trans­fer­able, sub-licen­s­able, roy­al­­ty-free, world­wide license to use User Mate­r­i­al to the extent nec­es­sary for King’s Cross to oper­ate and main­tain the Ser­vice. This license shall remain valid until the respec­tive User Mate­r­i­al is delet­ed from the Ser­vice by you or by King’s Cross in accor­dance with these Terms.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability

You use the Ser­vice at your own risk. The Ser­vice is pro­vid­ed “AS IS”, with­out any war­ranties, and King’s Cross does not war­rant that the Ser­vice and avail­abil­i­ty there­of will be unin­ter­rupt­ed or error free. King’s Cross does not assume any respon­si­bil­i­ty for errors or omis­sions in the infor­ma­tion or soft­ware or oth­er doc­u­ments, includ­ing User Mate­r­i­al, which are ref­er­enced by or linked to. Ref­er­ences or links to third par­ties’ web­sites are pro­vid­ed “AS IS” with­out war­ran­ty of any kind, either express or implied.

In no event shall King’s Cross be liable for any indi­rect or con­se­quen­tial dam­ages, except in cas­es of inten­tion­al mis­con­duct or gross neg­li­gence. To the max­i­mum extent per­mit­ted under applic­a­ble law, King’s Cross aggre­gat­ed lia­bil­i­ty for any direct dam­ages shall be lim­it­ed to the less­er of: (i) mem­ber­ship fees paid by the user; (ii) mem­ber­ship fees paid by the user dur­ing the pre­vi­ous cal­en­dar year.


For the sake of clar­i­ty, King’s Cross, doesn’t under­take the oblig­a­tion to mon­i­tor the con­tents of User Mate­r­i­al.

You are not enti­tled to assign your rights and/or oblig­a­tions under these Terms or use of the Ser­vice to any third par­ty with­out King’s Cross’s pri­or writ­ten con­sent. King’s Cross is enti­tled to assign its rights and/or oblig­a­tions under these Terms.

King’s Cross reserves the right to refuse the Ser­vice to any­one for any rea­son at any time. King’s Cross may revise these Terms from time to time and the most cur­rent ver­sion will always be post­ed on King’s Cross’s web­site ( Any and all mate­r­i­al changes shall become into effect between you and King’s Cross upon your accep­tance of such changes (e.g. by using the Ser­vices after such noti­fi­ca­tion has been made to you or renew­ing your sub­scrip­tion).

Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

All dis­putes shall be set­tled with­in the law of the Fed­er­al Repub­lic of Ger­many. If and when in the reg­u­la­tions above a crim­i­nal offence or rights of a third par­ty is referred to the law of the Ger­man Fed­er­al Repub­lic is the only law applic­a­ble.

The place of juris­dic­tion for all dis­putes is Mannheim.

If parts of these con­di­tions are not, no longer or not com­plete­ly in accor­dance with cur­rent law, the remain­ing parts remain untouched in their con­tents and valid­i­ty.

Contacting Us

If you have ques­tions regard­ing these terms and con­di­tions, you may email or find more details on the con­tact page.